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How Kevin Durant's partnership with Sonic affects his chances of joining the Wizards

Kevin Durant announced he's partnering with Sonic Drive-In, an Oklahoma City based fast food chain, to help create new, healthy fast food options. Despite what you might think, this is yet another sign that he's joining the Wizards in 2016.

Yesterday, we reacted to the news that Kevin Durant was preparing to announce a new partnership, by assuming it was somehow D.C. related. As it turns out, that's not quite the case:

Odds are, your first instinct is to assume this is another sign that Kevin Durant is planting his roots in Oklahoma City. After all, Sonic's headquarters are based in Oklahoma City, and signing a deal with an OKC-based company, just to leave for Washington D.C. in less than two years would seem like an unnecessarily cruel move. Still, we some compelling evidence that suggests that's exactly what he's going to do.

  • Currently, there are no Sonic locations in the Washington D.C.. What better way to expand your footprint into a new area than have your star endorser play there? It's not like they need Kevin Durant to help build more Sonics in Oklahoma City.
  • Sonic's CEO, Clifford Hudson, graduated from Georgetown. You know who else graduated from Georgetown? Ted Leonsis.
  • Sonic posted this on their Twitter page after announcing the partnership with Kevin Durant:

    The wording is very interesting here, because you have to assume they ran the tweet by KD's team before posting it. If Kevin Durant stays with the Thunder, it wouldn't be a roster update, since he's always been there. Joining the Wizards? Now *that* would be a roster update, and it would make the basketball game *way* more interesting in two years. Just sayin'.
  • Kevin Durant partnering with a company that shares the nickname of the team he started his career with can't be a coincidence. It's almost like he's retracing his steps and going backwards through time. At this rate, he'll be back where he grew up within two years.
  • Kevin Durant is trying to help create healthy menu options. You know who else is trying to create healthy menu options? FIRST LADY MICHELLE OBAMA. If Kevin Durant is serious about finding ways to create healthy meals, he should be doing everything he can to be in contact with the First Lady while she still has influence in the White House. She has a super busy schedule so Durant should move his base of operations closer to the White House so they can collaborate before she and her husband leave in early 2017. Think about the children, Kevin.