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Self-inflicted wounds damage Wizards

The Wizards couldn't keep pace with the Mavericks down the stretch and much of it was their own doing. In happier news, Bradley Beal returned and didn't miss a beat.

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1. Wizards can't hang on, fall to Dallas 105-102

Their hot start and energy continued throughout most of the game, but mixed in were too many wasted possessions and unnecessary turnovers. Bradley Beal shined, though was called for a critical offensive foul late in the game that helped seal the victory for the Mavericks. The Wizards, as a whole, were riddled with inconsistent plays despite playing well throughout much of the game and giving the league's hottest team a run for their money.

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2. Beal scores 21 points in return

From the moment he left the bench to check into the game while being given a standing ovation, Beal looked confident and comfortable despite having missed the past six weeks due to his fractured wrist. He shot 9-for-17, hitting from deep and attacking the basket, and Tyson Chandler, without fear. Needless to say, it was great to see Beal back on the court and running with his teammates again.

3. John Wall is turning a corner

It's clear to say that Wall has grown up and shaken his "he drives with his head down, out of control to the basket too often" label. Wall's turned a corner. And a big one at that, so long as he wants to be a great point guard in the NBA, which he so clearly does. Small improvements to his game have transformed it incredibly.

4. Marcin Gortat visits the White House

Switching to non-basketball related news, Gortat finally fulfilled a dream of his by visiting the White House on Sunday with a few of his friends. He's talked about his desire to visit "Barack's crib" in the past so it's good to see the Polish Hammer finally getting the chance to do so.

5. Gortat talks about the meaning of life

Gortat spoke with the Men In Blazers podcast about numerous topics, including meditation, his life goals, and his soccer background (this is a soccer podcast first and foremost, so keep an open mind when listening). He also acknowledged that Wall could potentially make for a ridiculously good soccer player. Can't say I'm surprised to hear that.