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Bradley Beal hopeful for a Friday return

Beal would love to get back into game action against the Cleveland Cavaliers but won't rush himself back to do it. Ted Leonsis also outlined the plans in his search for a new Wizards practice facility.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

1. Bradley Beal practices for the first time with team

Beal went through a 60-minute practice at the Verizon Center yesterday for the first time since the regular season began. He experienced only minimal discomfort at certain times but doesn't feel it is an issue moving forward. The issue, if there is one, will be realized today in the form of any soreness from his first game-like work in more than a month.

Beal's had his share of injuries thus far during his NBA career, and while Friday's matchup against the Cleveland Cavaliers will be a big one, he won't put his health in jeopardy just to take the court with his teammates who have faired well in his absence.

How he feels today will be huge in determining whether he will be ready to go by Friday or not.

2. Randy Wittman pleased with passing

After a lackluster preseason performance in terms of ball movement and turnovers, the Wizards have flipped the script through their first nine regular season games. They are moving the ball well and among the league's best in assists to turnovers ratio. Needless to say, Wittman is pleased, especially following their 31 assists to 11 turnovers ratio Sunday against the Orlando Magic.

3. Ted Leonsis outlines plans for new practice facility

He's been mum on his plans, though some have surfaced in recent weeks, but he told all yesterday on his blog regarding his desire to build a new state-of-the-art practice facility for the Wizards. He followed up on this post in an exclusive Q&A with us. Here's part 1 of that interview. Despite some disagreement with the decision from DMV citizens, the search is on to give the Wizards a proper practice facility that would rival those of others around the NBA.

4. Week in review

The team is coming off a relatively slow, but positive, week in which they went 2-0 in their only two games. Who's play was instrumental in those victories and who would rather forget their on-court play?

5. The week ahead

This week will do a lot to give us an idea of where the Wizards really stand within the league, when they match up against a tough Dallas Mavericks team, the LeBron James-led Cavs, and concluding against a young, exciting Milwaukee Bucks squad. Will they be able to keep getting wins against tougher competition?