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Kevin Seraphin getting ample opportunities to produce

The young Frenchman has shown he is worthy of a spot in Randy Wittman's rotation. Plus, find out what three things are driving the Wizards' early-season success.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

1. Kevin Seraphin is showing his worth

Whether it be defensive lapses, rushed shots or turnovers, Seraphin has never been able to find the consistency needed to be a valuable contributor game-in and game-out for the Wizards during his NBA career.

But after eight games to start the 2014-15 season, Seraphin has already established himself in the rotation, thanks to trusting his instincts that got him this far.

"Once my two feet are set [and] I take my time, most of the time I make it," said Seraphin, 24. "Sometimes guys jump or contest me and I don’t see the rim at all, and all I know is I finish it and it just goes in. I don’t see the rim at all. I just know. When I do that, it’s automatic."

Randy Wittman has been pleased with Seraphin's play thus far, which has slowed down and been more calculated rather than rushed.

"The last couple games, he’s been more precise in what he’s doing," Wittman said. "When he’s precise in what he’s doing, that means he’s taking things in and reading what’s happening out there rather than just going no matter what the defense is doing."

2. Three factors driving the Wizards' success

Their relatively easy schedule has certainly been a factor, but on top of that, the Wizards are much-improved at home and getting to the free throw line at high volumes through their first eight games.

Is it all sustainable? We'll find out soon enough, as the team's schedule will soon become more difficult.

3. Wizards still have room to improve

A 6-2 start, especially from the Wizards, should never be taken for granted. But they have high expectations, so they also shouldn't be satisfied. They still have room to improve as their schedule picks up and Bradley Beal eventually gets incorporated back into the lineup after his (expected) month-long absence to start the season.

4. Nothing yet on Nene's status

We mentioned Thursday morning that Nene injured his shoulder while lifting weights. He was supposed to be examined later in the day but apparently that is being held off until today, so hopefully we can have more news for you as more information becomes available. Here's what we know so far.

Nene didn't talk to assembled media Thursday, but the 7-footer spoke in somber tone to after the session. He said that he has discomfort on the front of his shoulder, pointing to the deltoid muscle. He didn't get it in the 107-103 vs. the Detroit Pistons on Wednesday when he had just eight points and four rebounds. Nene believes it may have come from weightlifting.

The somber tone is worrisome. With the amount of injuries he's had in his career, only he knows his body and what certain pain feels like. If this is worrying him, it's definitely worrying me.

But this is why the team added frontcourt depth this offseason. Now there is a slew of big men ready at Wittman's disposal for instances just like this.

5. Paul Pierce unhappy with lack of sustained focus

The team has been downright intimidating at times on the defensive side of the ball, but just as often are caught watching and leaving major holes that are being exploited. That lack of total focus for 48 minutes is irking Pierce.

"Detroit hasn't put up 100 points," he said. "We make it hard on ourselves. We dig in for short periods of time and then we slack off on defense. That's something we got to be able to do for 48 minutes. ... We play defense in spurts and it can't be like that."

Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

Bonus: Relive the victory vs. Detroit

It was a hard-fought game and the Wizards did enough down the stretch to pull out the win after digging themselves out of an early hole. Check out a detailed examination of the game and Wizards players.