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John Wall talks in depth about his new J Wall 1 shoes

John Wall talks in depth about the creative development process behind his shoes and also touches on his expectations of the Wizards.

Ever wonder what the inspiration was behind John Wall's new J Wall 1 shoes? You don't have to anymore.

In a video interview with which you can see above, Wall goes in depth on a number of topics, mostly on how the shoe fits on and off the court. He also talked about his humble beginnings and his expectations for the Wizards this season.

The two most interesting notes came from the 1:15 to 1:50 marks of the video. First, Wall talked about how one of the soles of his right shoe says "W-A" and the left would say "L-L." They were meant to symbolize the East and West Coast.

Wall also explained how the JW logo came about which starts at the 1:33 mark. He and Adidas spent two to three months looking at 200 to 300 possible logos before eventually selecting the final logo. The final JW is aggressively designed to symbolize his killer crossover where the J is crossed over the W.


(H/T Kelly Coco)