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Dion Waiters is "ready for war"

Dion Waiters elaborated on his motives for taking a shot at Washington's backcourt last week

Jason Miller

Dion Waiters doesn't mind causing a little controversy. Speaking to Chris Haynes of the Northwest Ohio Media Group from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the Cleveland Cavaliers guard reveled in his role in the war of words between himself and Washington's backcourt:

"Everything was too quiet so I had to stir up something with Washington," Waiters said. "People have been missing the action so I had to stir up something. You know me. But at the end of the day, I'm here. I'm ready. I'm ready for war. I was born ready. We're all ready."

Of course, being ready for war is a lot easier when you have LeBron James and Kevin Love battling on the frontline beside you. This bodes well though for the chances of future spats between the Wizards and Cavaliers as they rekindle their rivalry from the last decade.  The choice of words is curious, though. "Born Ready?"  Is Lance Stephenson just going to take that lying down?