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Wizards Wake-up Call: Temple outshoots Beal, Seraphin drops 20 pounds, and making the Finals?

Beal losing ongoing three-point contest, Junior Mafia continuing good progress from Summer League, and do the Wizards have a serious chance at reaching the NBA Finals? All that and more on today's Wizards wake-up call.

Rob Carr

1. Garrett Temple showing his range

Early on in training camp, we heard of the three-point shooting challenge between Drew Gooden III and Kris Humphries. That seemed more of a friendly challenge to get up shots and improve their range.

Now, it looks like Garrett Temple and Bradley Beal have more of a shooting competition going on between each other. In his interview with Monumental Sports, Temple detailed his successful encounters with last season's NBA Three-Point Competition Runner-Up.

"We started this about three or four days ago and since Brad's losing now, he says we're gonna go until the end of preseason. So if he's losing after preseason we might go the whole year."

That's some impressive stuff. Certainly Beal hasn't lost his shooting touch, so it's really good to see that Temple has acknowledged his need for improving his shot and focused this summer on doing so. It's perfect timing to hear about this, as Albert recently noted the need for Temple to regain his shooting and offensive efficiencies.

2. Junior Mafia looking good so far

Glen Rice Jr. and Otto Porter, the Las Vegas Summer League MVP and All-First Team member, respectively, have apparently been showing out nicely so far in training camp. That, according to Comcast SportsNet Wizards beat reporter Chris Miller.

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one excited to watch these two in action Monday night.

3. Kevin Seraphin has dropped 20 pounds

We all know what Kevin Seraphin can do offensively when he is in rhythm. We also know his defense is lacking, he has had knee issues, and weight issues plaguing his professional career, especially of late.

Jorge Castillo detailed Seraphin's offseason regimen and his focus on trimming down for the start of training camp this season.

Fun fact: Seraphin enjoys eating eggs Benedict for breakfast; switching out the ham for salmon and holding off on the hollandaise sauce.

4. Can the Wizards really reach the NBA Finals?

That's what CSN's Celtics Insider, A. Sherrod Blakely, thinks.

Adding Paul Pierce and Humphries (who he likes A LOT) to the already-talented mix of Wizards players and he feels they've got what it takes to win the East.

Check out the interview with Chris Miller here.

5. The sky is the limit for John Wall and Beal

When Nene gives you praise, you know you've earned it. He sat down with Chris Miller (this guy is everywhere, isn't he?) to discuss his summer playing with the Brazil National Team, the new additions to the Wizards, how to transform talent on paper to talent on the court, and of course, the backcourt duo.