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The 'DC bad boys?' It has a nice ring to it

That's according to DeJuan Blair, who really wants to embrace the title. That and more in this morning's roundup.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

1. The DC Bad Boys?

If Wiz newbie DeJuan Blair has anything to say about it, this year's Wizards team could be the second-coming of the 'Bad Boy' Detroit Pistons of the late '80's.

"The Bad Boys is back, baby," Blair proclaimed earlier this week. "Tell them the Bad Boys is back."

Well let's see...

Jordan Hill and Nick found out it wasn't smart to get in the way of Drew Gooden last season, the rest of the NBA realized in the playoffs that Nene doesn't mess around, and, well, Marcin GortatBlair obviously has a reputation around the league as a tough, gritty player and Kris Humphries took on marriage to a Kardashian. There's really nothing these guys won't back down from.

DC Bad Boys. It's got a nice ring to it. Only one question remains.

"I don't know who Rodman is," Blair said. "We'll find a Rodman."

2. Red Panda calls it quits

It's true. She's packing up her bags and heading home.

OK, so maybe this news should have technically been part of yesterday's roundup, but is there really any amount of coverage to repay her for the way she made us all feel during halftime of WIzards games throughout the years? Especially during the darkest of Wiz years when us fans were looking for something, anything, to save our souls from ridiculous JaVale McGee goaltending, opening-game complaints from captain Andray Blatche, and the offensive black hole that was Nick Young?

And as far as the campaign to get her into the Basketball Hall of Fame? Yes. Just, yes.

For those unlucky enough to have never watched her live, here's a video of a full show from her (my apologies if you aren't a Hokie fan. Put that aside. We are all in this together today for Red Panda.):

Her excitement after each successful toss gets me every time.

And lastly, I'll leave you with this accompanying video this to make those tears of sadness stream down your faces even faster:

3. Martell Webster may release a hip-hop album in December

Sui Generis, aka Martell Webster, was apparently in the studio this past summer keeping his mind and body occupied with other things while rehabbing from back surgery.

"Music is just a great outlet when you have downtime just to get your mind off of things," said Webster, who began experimenting with music as a rookie in the NBA. "Some people golf. Some people go watch movies. People have different vices and for me it’s music and film. I can’t get enough of it."

Get ready, world. This Wizards team is just full of surprises. And preseason games haven't even begun yet.

(For serious Webster stuff, click here to read how he plans to retire when his contract is up.)

4. This picture of a shirtless Gortat next to Wittman

It accompanied the Bad Boys article. I'll just let your eyes lead your mind into a heavenly world where Marcin Gortat made all the rules.

5. Burgers

According to Darren Rovell, this burger will be one of the newest features at the Verizon Center this season for Caps/Wizards fans to chow down on.