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Bradley Beal would rather go without NBA title than eat cat food the rest of his life

He talks about that and other trick decision on a new episode of "Tough Calls" on Grantland.

Bradley Beal might have the heart of a champion, but apparently he doesn't have the stomach. He told Chris Ryan of Grantland that if he would not be willing to eat cat food for the rest of his life if it meant he would win an NBA championship.

Say what you want about Beal's commitment, but no one ever asked Michael Jordan or Kobe to eat cat food to get a ring, and if they did, they'd probably be dead from eating cat food, so maybe a ring is important, but not THAT important.

Chris Ryan also got Beal to answer some other tricky hypotheticals such as:

  • Would you rather play the 2014 NBA season wearing V. Stiviano's visor or Pharell's hat?
  • Would you rather play the entire 2014-15 NBA season with a backpack on or poison ivy?
  • Would you rather have a panda join the Wizards or would you rather get a giant panda back tattoo?
  • Would you rather have Kevin Garnett screaming at you or Adam Silver watching you everywhere you go?
  • Would you shave your eyebrows for the rest of your life if you got to win NBA MVP?
  • Would you rather live in a Polish nightclub with Marcin Gortat or a studio apartment with Randy Wittman?
  • Would you rather have Nelly on the Wizards or join the St. Lunatics?
  • Would you rather fight Floyd Mayweather or play running back in the NFL?

It's all fun, but the best part of the video is not seeing him in a sling.