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New Foot Locker/Adidas Commercial offers amazing/terrible visions of John Wall's future

John Wall's new commercial has a little bit of everything.

John Wall's first signature shoe with Adidas comes out this Friday, so you had to figure a commercial to promote the shoe was bound to come out this week. The one that we got was pretty crazy. Here's the full commercial:

The commercial starts with one of John Wall's friends telling him about getting his first shoe is part of "The Process." Here's what "The Process" entails:

Winning a championship

Wall Celebration

Getting married and living in a big mansion

Wall Married

Getting his number retired, which Wall seems VERY excited about

Wall Number Retired

Opening "Wall's Wings & Burgers"

Wall's Restaurant

Getting fat and content

Wall Eating/Getting Fat

Getting fat and old

Wall Losing House

Losing his restaurant

Wall Loses Restaurant

Losing his wife and mansion, but keeping the fat

Wall Fat Lonely

Selling cars

Wall Car Dealer

Given how some past Bullets and Wizards legends have flamed out after their time in the NBA, this is pretty terrifying and quite possibly accurate vision of Wall's future. But if that first image holds true, we'll try not to be too sad about Fat John Wall trying to sell cars in 20 years.