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Paul Pierce is ready to play power forward

Pierce has been practicing at the 4 with injuries and suspensions limiting Randy Wittman's options, while Kris Humphries and Glen Rice, Jr. are ready to go. Plus, the Junior Mafia take over Halloween. Oh, yeah, and the Wizards season starts tomorrow!!

Richard Dole-USA TODAY Sports

1. Paul Pierce prepares to play wherever needed

He thrived in the power forward position in small-ball lineups last season with the Brooklyn Nets and it looks likely that Pierce will be put in that spot again early this season with the Wizards. He's been practicing there, at least.

"I ran a lot of 4 more than I had in the past. In the next week or so I'm going to be doing plays at the four," Pierce said after Monday's practice. "You never know when it comes down (to it) we need to put a small lineup, get good shooting down there at the end of games. I could be that guy. I'm going to pick it up more and more. Hopefully, as we continue to practice, I get more and more acquainted with it."

With injuries and suspensions holding key players out for at least the season opener, Randy Wittman will be forced to try some different looks. Though at the moment it would be for emergency reasons, putting Pierce at the 4 could very well be something that will be used throughout the season if all goes well early on.

2. Glen Rice, Jr. good to go, Kris Humphries waiting on medical green light

Both players went full in practice yesterday and both look very likely to play in tomorrow's opener vs. the Miami Heat. Rice has already been cleared, and Humphries says he is ready to go, though he and Wittman are both waiting on the official green light from the team's medical staff.

3. Rasual Butler could be a great roster choice

I've heard people complain that the team should have waited for a better option. Now, let's put this signing into focus with a few facts about Butler:

He has played 11 NBA seasons. That makes him a veteran in this league. He has strong leadership skills, as confirmed by John Wall and Pierce. His strength is shooting the ball, and the Wizards will be missing their best shooter for the at least the first month of the season. He is the team's 15th player and he worked his butt off to go from a long shot to make the team to snatching that final roster spot. His contract is non-guaranteed until January. He clearly wants it, even having already earned his merit in this league, even at 35 years of age and even knowing that he would be the last player on the team.

All in all, the team could have done much worse for their final spot. With the make-up of this current team, injuries and all, Butler could in fact make a real difference.

4. An analytical look at the Wizards

The Wizards look headed in the right direction. Here, Neil Greenberg at The Washington Post detailed what fans should want to see from the Wizards in order to continue their recent success during this upcoming season.

5. Otto-Angelo and Glen "Bane" Rice take over Halloween

Um, I'll just let all these awesome pictures from the pre-Halloween event at the Verizon Center do the talking:

But, if you want more pictures and background on the event, click here.

Bonus: The Wizards begin their 2014-2015 NBA season tomorrow night

That's right, folks. The NBA season officially starts tonight and your Washington Wizards will begin their season tomorrow night against the Miami Heat!

Extra Bonus: We're adding new staffers!

Say hello to three new BF writers:

Michael Sykes (@mikedsykes, MichaelDSykes) is coming aboard mostly to help us with statistical analysis and film breakdowns.  His day job is with the Prince George's Sentinel and he also writes at My Mind on Sports.

Akbar Naqvi (@AkbarRazaNaqvi, Akbar264) is joining to help Jake run our social media accounts.  He also does some writing for Wiz of Awes.

T Mitchell Northam (@primetimeMitch, Mitchell Northam) is going to be helping out with previews and recaps.  He writes for SB Nation blogs Sonics Rising and Underdog Dynasty, as well as other places.