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Kris Humphries' status still up in the air

The cut is still bad in Kris Humphries' hand, and Nene's suspension is upheld. Meanwhile Randy Wittman finally has a team past the rebuilding phase.

Jonathan Daniel

1. Kris Humphries can't feel his pinky

No, he's not trying to impersonate DeShawn Stevenson's "I can't feel my face" movement when he used to wave his hand in front of his face after hitting a three-pointer during his time with the Wizards.

Humphries, though, still says the goal for him is still to play in Wednesday's opener.

"It feels pretty good. The biggest thing for me was not the nerve. It's more about the cut," he said after Saturday's practice. "It's been a bad cut in my hand. This is the first day of really shooting. Used the hand a bit (Friday). Came in and worked out. Today is my first day actually shooting the ball. The goal still is Wednesday."

Now, what about that pinky, Kris?

"I can't feel my pinkie at all," said Humphries, who had stitches removed Friday. "I've got some sensitivity in hand where I got the surgery."

Please get well soon. Like, within the next two days.


All Wizards fans

2. Nene appealed one-game suspension

The league decided not to overturn their decision, though. He'll be back in action in the Wizards' second game of the season against the Orlando Magic.

3. Randy Wittman is finally past the rebuilding stage

For the first time in his head coaching career, Wittman has been given the opportunity to coach a team out of its rebuilding phase. Last year he was given a mandate from Ted Leonsis to make the playoffs. This year, though not publicly stated or written, he is expected to coach this team further than the second round of the playoffs.

4. Wizards beaten up heading into season opener

With a roster that's expected to bring the Wizards further into NBA relevancy, the team will have to overcome some adversity early on. How the team copes with injuries and suspensions will be something to keep an eye on as the season begins.

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