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The Wizards' season is almost here

The NBA regular season is almost upon us, John Wall swaps jerseys with Kai Forbath, and of course another Otto Porter story. Here is your wake-up call.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

1. Wizards questions, Wizards answers

Will the Wizards really make some noise this season? Will John Wall's improved shooting propel him to elite point guard status?  Who will step up from the bench?

As the season rapidly approaches (less than a week!!!), the crew over at Truth About It took the time to answer those questions, and more, for the blog Blazer's Edge regarding the upcoming Wizards season.

2. Wizards give Kai Forbath a jersey

When the Redskins beat the Jacksonville Jaguars earlier in this NFL season, Wall was spotted at the game rocking a slick 'Skins jersey with his name and number on the back (oh, yeah, and Kevin Durant was there, too).

After hitting the game-winning field goal vs. the Tennessee Titans this past Sunday, Redskins kicker Kai Forbath received his very own Wizards #2 jersey with HIS name on the back.

Love the camaraderie between the two hometown teams.

3. Will Paul Pierce take Wizards to Promised Land?

Only time will tell if his presence can give them the needed boost to make it to the NBA Finals. It may be a long shot, but the Wizards sure hope he can.

"I love his fighting spirit," center Marcin Gortat said of Pierce. "We still need to keep building chemistry, but hopefully he’s the guy that can bring us to the finals."

4. Otto Porter will need to step up

We all know the story: No. 3 pick in NBA Draft looks like a bust after his rookie season only to defy odds and carry his team to seven straight NBA Finals appearances and victories.

Oh, sorry, I'm getting ahead of myself. But serious, he does need to step up this season; not just for himself, but for the Wizards as a team, if they want to be successful.

5. SB Nation's NBA preview

In case you missed it, view it here. Mike and his crew worked incredibly hard on it.