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The Kevin Durant angle to the John Lucas III signing

Yes, it's a bit of a stretch, but you know you want to read on.

As you may remember, back during the lockout of 2011, there were dozens of high-profile games hosted around the country that let NBA players get some practice games in while the owners and union resolved their financial differences. In one of those games, John Lucas III and Kevin Durant faced off against each other in New York.

Durant had a monster game. He went off for 41 points, a night after his famous outing at Rucker Park. But as well as Durant played that night, he was outshined by John Lucas III, who went off for 60 against Durant.

After the game, Durant said this about Lucas III's performance

"[It] Should be broadcasted by everybody. Everybody should know. The way he played was unbelievable. He got it easier tonight than I got it last night. He had a hell of a game."

So the Wizards accomplished two goals in signing John Lucas III on Tuesday:

  1. They brought in someone that Kevin Durant respects.
  2. By signing him, the Wizards have ensured that Lucas III can't show up Durant as a member of an opposing team.
And once again, the Wizards are lapping the field in bringing in people to secure Kevin Durant's return to Washington D.C. Everyone else should just stop now before they start wasting time and effort.