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Nike releasing a PG County version of Kevin Durant's new shoe

Don't worry Thunder fans, we're sure this is just a funny coincidence.

UPDATEThis shoe will not be available for retail, so put that money back in your pockets.

There are two facts that almost everyone in Washington D.C. and Oklahoma City can agree on:

  1. Kevin Durant is very proud of where he's from.
  2. Nike would be foolish to not release as many different versions of Kevin Durant's new shoe to maximize profits.

Combine those two facts together, and you'll get things like this via SneakerNews:

Walker Mill Road and Denise Drive are roads in Prince George's County Maryland where Kevin Durant grew up, hence why this is the "PG County" version of the shoe.

This isn't the first time that Nike has released a colorway of a Kevin Durant shoe that connects back to the area where he was raised. Last year, Nike released a DC version and a Maryland Blue Crab version of the KD VI. For all we know, there could be several more shoes themed on the DC/Maryland area. Here's to hoping we get a and version before it's all said and done.

(Thanks to Charles Stewart on Facebook for the tip on this one.)