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Randy Wittman unhappy with offense during the preseason

The team has looked uncomfortable offensively, uncertainty evolving without Bradley Beal's presence. Plus, a numbers game is emerging in terms of what to do with that final roster spot. We cover that and more for your Sunday wake-up call.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

1. Wizards creating problems for themselves on offense

The problems have been evident, as far as offense is concerned, since the first game of preseason. Lack of ball movement, inability to create enough open shots, missing the open shots that are there, and tons of turnovers. No one's throwing in the towel on this team and waving the white flag to signify a lost season, obviously. Not at all. But this team has high hopes to be an Eastern Conference Finals contender. And the only way to get there is to fix these current issues as soon as possible.andy Wittman has voiced his concern over these problems more and more as the preseason drags on.

"Our offense is putting too much pressure on our defense," Wittman said following the loss. "We are trying to do too much individual stuff from an offensive standpoint. That’s the reason why we struggle shooting the ball right now. We take more zero-or-one-pass contested shots than I’ve seen in a long time."

His offensive strategies, or lack thereof, have been a concern throughout the Wizards community since he took over the reigns of this team. But is this one on him or the players?

2. Bradley Beal's absence leaves a big hole in the team

Lots of the issues this team is experiencing could be alleviated by the presence of Beal. But that's not happening for a while, so what should we see from the WIzards in his absence and how have they looked so far?

We've discussed it often, even in yesterday's wake-up call, but how Wittman decides to mix and match lineups throughout the early portion of this season is the biggest thing to keep an eye on, plus watching to see who will step up and produce consistently.

3. One roster spot available, but more than three players vying for it

How will the Wizards fill the final roster spot? Or will they even fill it at all? Those questions have been circulating for months now, and it turns out that there could be more options than the obvious ones.

"Obviously a lot goes on away from here. Other teams are doing things, making transactions. We haven't made that decision. I'll keep my mind open until we get to that point where we have to make a decision there. This gives guys like (Xavier Silas) and Rasual and even Otto (Porter) more minutes than if Bradley and Glen and Martell were all playing right now."

That was a quote from Wittman. And I wasn't convinced that he is content with only limiting his options to those currently non-guaranteed Wizards.

Plus, there's a chance Will Bynum could be released by the Celtics following their trade with the Pistons for Joel Anthony. Ya never know what might be up Ernie Grunfeld's sleeve.

4. Will Beal's injury add to fuel for shortening of NBA season?

Players have been talking about the length of the NBA season and the desire to shorten it. With injuries to superstar players this offseason, will that be enough reason to actually shorten it?

If Andre Miller has anything to say about it, it's the players' fault in the first place for putting themselves in situations to get injured or burned out early in the season.

Did we mention Andre Miller has missed three games to injury in 14 seasons and counting?

When The Post’s Michael Lee inquired about his longevity last February when the Wizards acquired him, Miller was candid:

"Rest. Rest. I don’t burn myself out in the summer," Miller said. "A lot of guys get strength and conditioning trainers and work out throughout the summer and they get to training camp and they burn out by mid-November. I just kind of like to gain weight naturally, lose weight naturally. And work my way back into the season."

Though breaking a wrist during a preseason game shouldn't count as putting too much stress on yourself in the offseason. Unless, of course, preseason games are looked at as unnecessary minutes on the players' bodies.

5. Marcin Gortat tells all

From his action figure, to Polish Heritage Night, to an offseason shoulder injury, and his relationship with a certain D.C. point guard. Gortat tells all to Truth About It.