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Ted Leonsis will get a mohawk if the Wizards finish better than last season

According to Marcin Gortat and now, Ted Leonsis, the Wizards' owner has made a bet that could give him a new look if the Wizards can improve on last season's success.

Monumental Network posted a video chronicling Marcin Gortat's recent visit to Pardon The Interruption. Watching the build up to Gortat's response to Tony Kornheiser's criticisms was great, but if you've read the headline you probably don't care about that now. The video is embedded below:

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The real good stuff comes at the 3:40 mark, when Gortat talkes with Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon about his mohawk. Here's a quick transcript of what went down.

Kornheiser: I would just like to have hair in the middle. If I had hair, I'd like to have hair like that. Hair in the middle.

Wilbon: Are you keeping this all season? Is this Randy Wittman approved?

Gortat: Well, it's Randy Wittman approved, but actually Ted told us, the owner, that if we make the playoffs, he's gonna make one too.


Wilbon: A mohawk? Oh, you have to make sure this happens.

Gortat: Well, we told him playoffs it's pretty...

Kornhesier: It's easy. You've done that already.

Gortat: Well, maybe not easy, but it's a big chance that we're going to make it, you know? But, he probably bump it down to conference finals.

Kornheiser: Ted Leonsis in a mohawk. What do you think?

Wilbon: That's worth the price of admission right there.

Kornheiser: Yeah, it is. People would line up to see that. They would.


So now you understand why Ted's son, Zach Leonsis, would tweet about this.

UPDATE: This is the promise that Leonsis made to Gortat and Martell Webster, straight from his blog:

"If the Wizards do better than last year, go deeper in playoffs, I will get a mohawk. I promise."

Also, he says Martell Webster will call him "Sexual Caramel" if he gets the mohawk.

Eastern Conference Finals or bust, now more than ever.