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John Wall & Bradley Beal talk about Beal's injury and being the best backcourt in the NBA

The Wizards' duo also talked with Britt McHenry on SportsCenter about getting ready to face LeBron James and the Cavaliers this season.

One of the fun things that come with being playoff relevant is getting interviewed by national outlets, like today, when Britt McHenry talked with John Wall and Bradley Beal on SportsCenter. Here are some of the highlights from their conversation:

Bradley Beal on his injury

I kinda knew as soon as I fell something bad kinda happened because I heard a pop, so it just kinda is what it is now, it's kinda frustrating because it's like three years in a row for me it's like "Dang, when am I going to catch a break?"

It's frustrating because I was really looking forward to this year, especially with the guys we have, and all you can do is clap with your knee. At the same time, I'm just trying to stay positive, be a leader as much as I can, help guys out when they need it.

John Wall on being the best backcourt in the NBA

I feel like we're the best in the league. I think we've proven that we're getting better every year. I mean, it's tough starting the season without [Beal], but that's no reason for us not to be able to keep winning as a team.

Bradley Beal on the Cavaliers

On paper, they look unbeatable, but at the same time, they put their pants on the same way we do, they lace up like we do. So we feel as though we're going to come into the season not backing down from anybody and we're going to accept each and every challenge and do whatever it takes to win. [Note: Given that Bradley Beal is in a sling right now, the Cavaliers probably DON'T put their pants on the same way Beal does, they probably don't lace up the same way either, especially since Beal isn't lacing up right now. Apologies for the reality check on that one. -Jake]

John Wall on if he has the games against Cleveland circled on his calendar

Definitely. Biggest game of the year to me.