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Say hello to the Come Home KD movement

They've got shirts, they've got a website and they're helping a great cause as they're helping a great cause as they do it.

With all the hype surrounding the chance that Kevin Durant might be open to the idea of joining the Wizards in 2016, it was only inevitable that someone would put together something to serve the needs of the people. So I wasn't shocked to see a package show up at my doorstep with the following message:

Come Home KD

The shirt comes from, a site dedicated to the "movement" to bring Kevin Durant back to Washington. As one who appreciates committing to a bit, I was thoroughly impressed to see their level of dedication to the cause of getting Kevin Durant back to Washington. Anyone can throw together a design to sell on Zazzle and rake in money, but adding the message and putting together a website to go along with the shirt? That takes some dedication. Here's what the actual shirt looks like:



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(I would have take a picture of my own shirt, but my phone died on me.)

As impressed as I was by their dedication to the Come Home KD movement, I was even more impressed when I saw that a portion of every shirt purchase goes to the Kevin Durant Charity Foundation. So fear not, you can support Durant coming back to Washington without feeling like a terrible person for actively rooting for him to abandon his current fanbase. It's a win-win for almost everyone, and at least a draw for Thunder fans IMO.

I traded a few questions with the guys behind, who asked not to be named because they don't want it to "take away from what we're trying to do", (that's an actual quote) to get their perspective on the chase for Kevin Durant and why the cause is so important to them.

Obviously, bringing Kevin Durant to Washington was the inspiration, but what gave you the idea to put together and create the shirt?

You're right. The idea is to get KD to come back to DC to play for the Wizards but we wanted to do something more tangible than just a website. We wanted to create a legitimate movement which we are in the starting stages of right now. The tshirt is the first idea that we had to create awareness and to bring traffic to the site, as well as other social networks. People are aware that KD is up for free agency but I don't think the casual fan realizes it. We also want to do good with it as well which is why we'll be donating to the Kevin Durant Charity Foundation with every purchase.

For people outside of the DC area, can you explain what would Kevin Durant playing for the Wizards would mean to the Washington D.C. area? Because I think a lot of people outside of DC don't understand this isn't just about trying to get the best player in the NBA to play on the Wizards.

LOVE that you called KD the best player in the NBA. Obviously most people will say it's LeBron but we couldn't agree more. DC is a very tight knit area and we have a lot of hometown pride. Prime example is just by looking at all of KD's tattoos.

We aren't an NYC, we aren't an LA, we are our own city that is very unique. We're obviously smaller than those big cities and we're looking forward to KD making the move back home. Seems to be a trend now, don't you think? We want our chance to have our own hometown hero playing in front of us, night after night, and bringing a few championships home to us as well, which is something we haven't experienced in A LONG TIME.

What would you say to people who say all the attempts to try to bring Kevin Durant to Washington will push him further away?

Not sure we necessarily agree with that. I think the decision will fall on KD himself. Every city would love to have a player with KD's talent. I think deep down KD knows what he wants to do, but isn't sharing it with us, and for good reason. He still has some time to let this thing play out but there have obviously been some hints. This is a big decision for his career since he will be in his prime and he needs to make sure he gets the most out of the situation. I know he likes OKC but I'm not sure they're doing everything they can to keep him. I mean, you saw the headlines in the newspapers last year during the playoffs...

As of right now, how confident are you on a scale of 1-100 that Kevin Durant will join the Wizards in 2016?

I wish I could say 100% but deep down gut feeling is about 80% at this point, which I'm sure some people would say is still pretty high. We still have some time so let's try to show him some support in the meantime!