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Wizards win first game without Bradley Beal

Andre Miller saved the day for Wizards, Beal tweets motivational messages and more in today's wake-up call.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

1. Andre Miller dishes to Kevin Seraphin for the win

Raise your hand if you had Seraphin scoring a game-winning basket for the Wizards ... ever. I thought so.

But last night, thanks to an incredible pass from Miller, he did just that. That gave the WIzards a 91-89 victory over the Detroit Pistons.

Here's the wining combination for the WIzards in Vine form:

After defenders converged on Miller near the basket, he saw Seraphin making a move to the hoop out of the corner of his eye and somehow got the ball to him for the dunk. It's nice when your backup point guard has that type of vision. It was also his 11th assist of the game.

Here's what was said about the game around the internet:

Bullets Forever

Comcast SportsNet

The Washington Post

Yahoo Sports

2. Bradley Beal has successful surgery

The Wizards say he will need approximately six weeks to recover. Here's hoping it's that low end and not the higher eight-week-or-beyond timetable that's been floated elsewhere.

Here's our coverage of it.

ESPN's coverage is here.

And CSN's thoughts here.

3. Beal tweets words of encouragement

It's never easy to have an injury, especially one that requires surgery and especially when you are one of the rising stars of the NBA. Yet Beal is taking this in stride and looking to come back stronger than before.

Here were his tweets from yesterday before the game:

"Minor setback for a MAJOR COMEBACK!!"

4. Wizards talk about Beal's injury

Via Monumental Network, here's what some of the team had to say after realizing how serious Beal's injury was:

5. Hear from the team

Listen to what some of the team said following last night's win here.


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