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Wizards await word on Bradley Beal's injured wrist

An MRI is happening Saturday after the Wizards' shooting guard went down during the first half of the team's preseason loss to Charlotte. Here's hoping the injury is minor.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

The Wizards' loss to Charlotte on Friday was made worse by Bradley Beal going down with a left wrist injury in the second quarter.

We of course did not see the play, but it apparently happened after he was fouled close to halftime. He left the game after making his free throws and was spotted on the bench with a brace during the second half. The Wizards called it a sprain. An MRI is happening Saturday (perhaps as we speak), after which we'll learn more.

Early reports are mixed. On the one hand, CSN Washington's J Michael wrote that the injury is "minor" and Beal was held out because it was preseason.

On the other hand, you have Beal's brother tweeting as if he's worried it's serious.

A quick Google search shows several NBA players who have fought through wrist pain and played, so perhaps Beal can do that too. At the same time, now's the time to play it safe, because short-changing the return could lead to problems down the road.

Here's hoping for good news.