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Otto Porter scores 14 points as Wizards struggle in Carolina

Wizards lose to Hornets, Kris Humphries has surgery, Bradley Beal sprains his wrist. That and more on today's slightly-depressing wake-up call.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

1. Wizards lose 86-99 to the Hornets

The Wizards wrapped up their preseason road trip with a 2-1 record, finishing last night with a loss to the Charlotte Hornets. In a game against a division foe and what sounds like an ugly loss (from what we read/heard), we can clearly see the Wizards are struggling offensively based on their shooting numbers.

Here were their numbers last night, via, compared to Charlotte's:

One positive, the Wizards had twice as many assists (22) than turnovers (11).

Their numbers vs the Pelicans:

And against the Bulls:

Averages of 42.3% field goal shooting, 67% from the free throw line, and 27% from three-point land won't cut it. Not in the preseason, not in the regular season, and sure as heck not in the postseason.

But, with defense supposedly being the main focus thus far, holding their opponents to less than 38% is nice to see.

Also of note:

  • Paul Pierce scored seven points in nine minutes
  • Otto Porter scored 14 points
  • Xavier Silas led the team with 16 points and hit 4-of-7 three point attempts

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2. Kris Humphries undergoes successful surgery

When Humphries attempted to block a shot against the Bulls on Monday night, we were initially told it was a cut and that he would miss the final two games of the current road trip. Turns out, surgery was needed and he'll miss 3-4 weeks instead.

Obviously his absence won't make it any easier for the team moving forward, especially without Nene or DeJuan Blair for the season opener due to suspensions.

Probably the best way to put it:

3. Bradley Beal sprains his wrist

At first glancing this headline, you might be overcome with fear, anxiety, stress, hyperventilation, or all of these symptoms simultaneously. Just relax. It's apparently only minor and will be treated as such. So while he came out of the game and was kept out for the remainder of it...

Though not everyone was as calm about the incident as these two.

If he has even the slightest amount of pain in the coming days, you can be sure Beal will be rehabbing instead of playing in the coming preseason games.

4. Don't forget about 'Dre

Andre Miller was brought in last season to back up John Wall, the face of the franchise, though don't sleep on what Miller has brought to the NBA throughout his 15-year career.

Some really impressive numbers that most of us forget about, via The Washington Post:

"His 8,153 assists rank ninth all time, and he is one of eight players in NBA history with 15,000 points and 7,500 assists."

Read the entire piece here.

5. Wall and Beal talk with NBA TV

NBA TV's Sekou Smith and Rick Fox spoke with the duo and had incredibly high praise for them and this season's Wizards team as a whole.

To escape last night's loss and recent injuries, and feel a little giddy, check out the clip from Monumental Network.

Watch here.