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Kris Humphries to miss 3-4 weeks with finger injury

The laceration he suffered in the preseason opener is more serious than expected.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

I didn't think Kris Humphries' finger injury from last Monday was a big deal, but apparently I was wrong. The Wizards' forward will miss 3-4 weeks after undergoing surgery to fix nerve damage, the team announced. That means Humphries will miss the beginning of the regular season.

The injury is between his ring and pinky finger and took place after Humphries raced back to contest a Jimmy Butler layup in Monday's preseason game. He left the game and returned to D.C. for the evaluation. The team said there was nerve damage, necessitating the surgery.

The injury, combined with the Nene and DeJuan Blair suspensions, leaves the Wizards with the following active frontcourt players for the season opener against Miami:

  1. Marcin Gortat
  2. Drew Gooden
  3. Kevin Seraphin

Paul Pierce, Stretch 4, come on down!

Let's keep perspective here. If Humphries misses the full four weeks, he'll miss ... five games. Even if he takes a little longer, we're talking about a small handful of games. These injuries get magnified now because the season is about to start, but it's a marathon, not a sprint. (The same applies double to Blair and Nene, by the way).

Get well, Kris.