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Kevin Durant offseason HBO reality show coming Nov. 4

Other than the Wizards playing their third preseason game, is anything else newsworthy at this point?

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

#KD2DCLeBron James goes home. Kevin Durant talks up the Wizards' backcourt duo at Team USA training camp. Durant gets shoe with hometown flavor. Durant goes to the Washington football game, apparently with John WallFour-year old asks if he will play for Wizards in 2016. Durant can't handle reading Wizards fans' constant tweets about going home because there is still two more seasons until he can actually do so (at least that's why I think he deleted his Twitter account for some time this offseason).

Did anything else happen to Durant this offseason? No? I didn't think so, either.

1. Durant getting HBO reality show

Durant had a long offseason. I detailed some parts of it above, but Comcast SportsNet's Ben Standig covers that and more here.

Now Durant is propelling himself further into the upper echelons of NBA stardom by creating an HBO reality show solely about his hectic 2014 offseason, from the day last season ended to the start of this season's training camp. The show is called "The Offseason: Kevin Durant" and will be airing on Nov. 4.

Executive producer, Jamie Patricof, had this to say about the show and Durant:

"The dedication to his craft, but more importantly who he is as a person and a human being, make him one of the most unique people I have had the opportunity to collaborate with," Patricof said. "[...] I am truly excited for people around the world to get a good look at who Kevin is and what makes him tick."

Durant has become more confident in his skin and being himself since entering the League in 2007. We'll see that on full display come Nov. 4.

Some more information on the show can be read here.

2. Wizards back in action

Good news: Wizards play the Charlotte Hornets Friday at 7 p.m. in Greenville, SC!

Bad news: It won't be televised. Agan.

But you can listen on 99.1 WNEW.

3. Paul Pierce is pleasantly surprised by Otto Porter

Pierce was interviewed by 106.7 The Fan's The Sports Junkies back at Wizards Media Day and they aired the interview yesterday on their show.

Highlighting the interview were the compliments Pierce paid to Porter:

"He's gonna be really good. I really didn't know too much about it him. I had a chance to follow him in the Summer League, him and Glen Rice Jr., and Otto has a ton of potential. I think he can be an All Star in this league. I think he can shoot the ball, he runs, he rebounds. He's show me everything in a week's span, and I was pretty much saying, 'Where did this kid come from?' "

All Star? Porter? I love it.

Listen to the full interview here.

P.S. Pierce wakes up at 5:30 a.m. in the offseason to train.

4. Porter ready to shoot

Otto wasn't shy in his first preseason game. He hoisted up 10 shots, but connected on only one. Many of those misses come from the slightest of hesitations before going up to shoot. Before they played the Pelicans, Wizards radio guys, Dave Johnson and Glenn Consor noted that he needs to take that hesitation away if he is going to confidently and consistently hit jumpers. They were very pleased with how he looked in his second preseason game.

Porter noted the shoot-first mentality as well in his postgame interview with them.

"We look over film and, especially when I first catch, it's gotta be a shot. If I don't have it, then make a play. So that's something I continue to work on."

Check out the full interview here, via Daily Wizdom.

5. Nene gets back into action

Wednesday's game against the Pelicans marked Nene's first action with this year's Wizards squad. He is battling sore feet, but knows it's important to form on-court chemistry with his teammates.

"It’s very important to play a little bit and to know each other a little bit more before the season starts," Nene said. "That’s what’s important to me this preseason."

Jorge Castillo covers Nene's first game here.

Also, the crew over at Truth About It gave detailed analysis on the Wizards' lone televised game thus far. Read that here.