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The most random Washington Wizards jerseys still in existence

Last week, we asked you to send us the rarest, most unique Wizards and Bullets jerseys you could find, and you delivered.

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Last week, @wheelswynn sent us a listing on eBay for a Washington Wizards Felipe Lopez jersey on eBay. For reasons unbeknownst to us, the seller is holding firm to selling price of $159.99 for a player who only spent 47 games with the Wizards in the 2000-01 season before he was traded to Vancouver in the Isaac Austin trade.

This discovery led us to put a call out to you for the rarest Washington Wizards jerseys you could find. Here's a look at your responses:

Cherokee Parks

Cherokee Parks jersey

(via wizardsfan100)

Parks was also sent to Vancouver with Felipe Lopez in the Isaac Austin trade, but only played 13 games as a Wizards before getting traded. Now he owns a club in Huntington Beach where the irony of wearing this jersey would probably be appreciated. You can get the jersey here, if you're so inclined.

Eric Maynor

Maynor Fan

(via Thomas Mason Pino on Facebook)

This probably isn't the only Eric Maynor Wizards jersey out there, but most of the others to Goodwill.

Lorenzo Williams practice jersey

Lorenzo Williams practice jersey

I'm honestly not sure if I want to know the full backstory of how sheetglass came into possession of this Lorenzo Williams practice jersey. But I sure am glad I don't know what that jersey smells like.

Jarvis Hayes

Jarvis Hayes

(via DeLano McRavin on Facebook)

By all accounts, Jarvis Hayes seems like a very nice guy, but he just couldn't put it together in the NBA. Injuries and lots of poor midrange shooting did him in, but he was nice enough to sign this jersey, so we'll say this: he was the Subway Sub of the Game in Gilbert Arenas' 51 point game against the Jazz.

Gerald Paddio

Paddio Jersey

(via @MChisholm)

Paddio played the final 8 games of his NBA career in Washington in the 1993-94 season. If you really want to remember his 8 point, 2 rebound performance, you can get this jersey on eBay for $324.04.

Also, the seller has a Chris Corchiani jersey, if you're interested. (HT: Miles Balano)

Kirk Hinrich Webster

Hinrich Webster jersey

(Picture via our very own Nick Bilka who saw this prior to Game 1 of last year's Bulls-Wizards series)

Here's all the questions I could think of about this jersey that I would ask, in no particular order:

  1. Was this the only Wizards jersey you owned?
  2. If so, why?
  3. If not, why not wear the jersey of someone who wasn't playing on the other team?
  4. Why Martell Webster?
  5. You realize Martell Webster wears number 9, right? (UPDATE: Nick pointed out the '-3' on the side of the jersey I missed. I retract this question and this question only.)
  6. You realize it would have been easier to cross out the number 1 and make that a John Wall jersey, right?
  7. Why not just wear a Wizards t-shirt?
  8. Why not just wear a regular shirt?

Kevin Durant

It's rare now, but it won't be rare for long.

Bonus: Ledell Eackles

Eackles Jersey

Just got this gem from @ewsiv after we posted, and I think we have a winner.

Bonus, part 2: Customized Michael Ruffin

Most Wizards player, most Wizards jersey.