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2014-15 Bullets Forever ticket exchange thread

Need to sell tickets in a hurry, but only want to sell to fellow Wizards fans? Here's your place to do so.

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The Wizards figure to have a great season this year, but it's really hard to go to over 40 games a season. Here's your ticket exchange thread, where season ticket and planholders can list their extra game tickets for other Bullets Forever community members.

Here are some guidelines:

Do not list your tickets above 125% of the Full Season Ticket Holder rate in the comments

The Wizards use dynamic pricing for single game tickets, so the gate price can fluctuate from day to day for the same game. Therefore, the standard we will use is 125% of the full season ticket holder rate, which will be below gate price for many, if not most games this season.

For example, a season ticket that costs $50 on a per-game basis can be listed for no more than $62.50. You can ask for less, but don't ask for more. If you list your tickets above 125% of the STH rate, your comment will be taken down.

The purpose of this exchange is to allow Wizards fans to sell their tickets at a fair price to other Wizards fans, not to make huge profits off of a single game. I realize that season ticket holders could profit from a single game with this metric, specifically if it is for a more marquee game. However, there are likely going to be some games this season when the market rate for those same seats may be sold at or possibly under the season ticket holder rate. Furthermore, partial plan and single game ticket buyers will pay more than full season ticket holders.

We anticipate that nearly all of the games on this exchange will be limited to preseason games and regular season games for non-glamour teams, unlike the Cavaliers and Thunder. We anticipate that full season ticket holders will be a large proportion of the people using this thread.

To view 2014-15 full season ticket holder rates, click here.

I want to sell or buy preseason tickets. What are their prices?

The full season ticket holder rate for preseason games is 50% of the regular game rate. On Sunday, the Wizards host the Pistons at Verizon Center. A seat with a $50/seat price at the full season ticket holder rate will actually be $25/seat for the preseason. Therefore, the listed price of that game should be no more than $31.25.

Again if you are a seller you can ask for less, but don't ask for more.

Price negotiation is to be done only through email

To sellers: You must list your email address in a comment, in the following format below to minimize spammers. Here's mine, and I am a season ticket holder by the way: aleeinthedmv AT gmail DOT com.

To buyers: If you are interested in buying tickets from a community member, please email the seller directly, and in the email, introduce yourself and your Vox Media screen name to the seller. That way the seller knows that he or she is talking to a fellow community member, not some random lurker who conveniently saw this thread.

To both parties: We are not an arbitrator or mediator to any price negotiation disputes. This thread is simply a listing of tickets for BF'ers to either sell tickets to games they can't attend and to connect them with buyers who are fellow BF'ers.

Sellers, notify the community once your tickets are sold or otherwise off your hands.

Please reply to your original comment once you have sold your tickets. It saves you the time it takes to notify potential buyers that your tickets are sold. And for the buyers, it saves them time as well from inquiring about a game that's taken.

About once a week or as appropriate, we will take comments of past games offline just to clear things up for easier reading.

Thanks everyone, and feel free to list your tickets. We'll keep this thread right under the cover and re-open comments every month since commenting closes automatically every 30 days.