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Wizards vs. Bobcats preview: Southeast point guard duel!

The Wizards will try to end their losing streak tonight in Charlotte. Here's what you need to know about tonight's game, courtesy of Derek James of Rufus on Fire.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

The Wizards are in Charlotte tonight to face off against the soon-to-be-Hornets-again-but-still-the-Bobcats. Derek James, of Rufus on Fire, was nice enough to exchange some questions with me about tonight's match up.


1. Kemba Walker: a ton of fun or a whole mess of fun? Please explain your answer.

Ton of fun, to me at least. He's continued to improve each year despite having a new coach each year he's been in the league. He's efficient, has a respectable turnover percentage and has continued to improve defensively. By the way, this question would ignite the Rufus on Fire comment section into a civil war if it were posed on our site.

2. How has the addition of Al Jefferson changed the makeup of this team from last year to this year?

Night and day. Last season the Bobcats were hurting for a low post scorer among Byron Mullens, Gana Diop, Bismack Biyombo and whatever else they ran out there. Picking up Josh McRoberts helped, but Al has been another revelation of his own. He really adds a whole other dynamic to their offense.

3. What are the biggest changes you see between Mike Dunlap's system and Steve Clifford's system?

Um, have you seen their defense? Clifford took what was largely last year's team, added Al Jefferson and turned them into one of the league's top units.

4. How does the offense change when Ramon Sessions is running the floor instead of Walker?

As far as ballhandlers go, Sessions can still penetrate, just not as well as Walker. Ramon Sessions is, well, Ramon Sessions. He's not as quick and doesn't have that nifty stepback pullup in his arsenal. You may see more traditional halfcourt sets run with Sessions because he isn't as capable as creating for himself.

5. Besides the fact that he keeps the trend of hyphenated last name starting small forward alive, what can you expect on a nightly basis from Chris Douglas-Roberts?

In the wake of Jeff Taylor's season-ending injury, he gives them what they need: a player capable of knocking down a few shots off of the bench and grabbing a few rebounds. He's struggled from three but has been effective within the arc, which is fine because the Bobcats need efficiency wherever they can get it. Also dribbling. CDR and Ramon and the dribble brothers because they like to dribble.