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Wizards vs. Warriors game time, TV schedule and open thread

Discuss today's game here. And help pick a nickname for Wall and Beal that's better than Super Splash Brothers!

teve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

2013-14 NBA Regular Season
January 5, 2014
Verizon Center
6:00 p.m.
CSN, 106.7 The Fan
Projected Starting Lineups
Stephen Curry PG John Wall
Klay Thompson SG Bradley Beal
Andre Iguodala SF Trevor Ariza
David Lee PF Trevor Booker
Andrew Bogut C Marcin Gortat
2013-14 Advanced Stats
97.0 (3rd) Pace 92.8 (21st)
105.6 (12th) ORtg 104.0 (21st)
101.0 (4th) DRtg 105.1 (15th)
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So the Wizards were at .500 coming into the New Year. Then they dropped a game at home against Dallas. Then they dropped another game at home, this time against Toronto. Did those two losses give them the swift kick in the pants to be able to beat the Warriors--a team that's currently riding an eight-game winning streak? Or will the Zards become the next victim in the 'Riors' pillaging of the East Coast?

How about instead of answering that depressing dichotomy presented above, you all do this:

Pick a nickname for Wall and Beal. Thompson and Curry have Super Splash Brothers. You game-threaders are a creative bunch, so I know you can do it. Pull the inspiration from anywhere: video games, TV, movies, their names, their jerseys, their favorite foods. My preference would be to name them something with the city of DC in mind. But I'm having trouble thinking of anything in DC that happens in a pair. My earlier suggestions on Twitter were... not great. So I need your help!