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Wizards at Warriors preview: And so begins the hardest stretch of the season

The Wizards are in the Bay Area to play the Warriors again. Last time, the Wizards got beat at home. This team, they're on the road, AND the Dubs are packing more Steez. Can the Wizards right the ship and get back to even?

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

You win some; you lose some. It seems like this team is really taking that axiom to heart. This year's been a see-saw in terms of wins, losses, effort, and consistency. Whether they're at home or on the road, whether they're playing someone looking for the Larry O'Brien trophy, or they're playing someone looking for the Jabari Parker trophy, it's hard to predict how this Wizards team will play.

So hopefully, they can pull out a win tonight. If they don't tonight, they may not get a win until they face Cleveland in DC on February 7th.

Where and When? The game starts at 10:30pm at Oracle Arena in Oakland, CA.

Are they good? ...yes? They're good, and they beat us last time we played them. And they've bolstered their bench with Jordan Crawford--and you know he's been itching for a revenge game.

Who's out? Well, Al Harrington is almost certainly out. And Glen Rice Jr. is still on his rehab assignment with the Iowa Energy. For the Warriors, the same guys are out that have been out for this season: Jermaine O'Neal, Festus Ezeli, and Nemanja Nedovic.

What are they good at? Shooting the lights out. Scoring in the paint. Steez. Hopefully, we are better at defending.

What are they bad at? They're thin up front, so hopefully that will play into our favor somehow. But it didn't really matter last time, so who knows?

Who's going to win? Like I said before: on paper, Golden State is the better team. But the Wizards are Jekyll and Hyde this season. This is a coin flip for me.

Also, here is a crude photoshop I made of Jordan Crawford inside a drawing I found of Mistah Fab's bus from the "Ghost Ride the Whip" video. GET OUT THE WAY, LET JCRAW DRIVE! #STEEZ #HYPHY