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Pat Riley was in attendance for the Wizards win over the Heat

From the looks of things, he may have regretted that decision.

via @recordsANDradio

You don't see executives from opposing teams in attendance at a lot of games, but since Heat were honored at the White House earlier in the week, you can understand why Pat Riley and Andy Elisburg (he's the guy on the left) chose to stick around and catch Wednesday's game at the Verizon Center. After all, the Verizon Center is a great venue to watch basketball, and it's always fun to watch LeBron James play basketball, as I'm sure Pat Riley is well aware.

Unfortunately, this shot of Riley and Elisburg from the middle of the 2nd quarter is the only shot of the two from last night's game, so we have no way of really knowing how much they enjoyed their time in D.C. on the whole. But other than the times where Nene blocked LeBronNene dunked on LeBron, the point when the Wizards opened up a 34 point lead in the first half and the part when the Heat lost their third game in a row, I'm sure they had a great time in the nation's capital.