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Otto Porter is getting on Marcin Gortat's Polish Machine Regimen

As Otto Porter continues to adjust to the NBA game, he's turned to Marcin Gortat to get stronger.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

As you're well aware, Otto Porter hasn't gotten off to the greatest of starts in his rookie season. Certainly, there are a number of factors that have contributed to his early struggles, most notably, the hip injury that kept him out of training camp, preseason and the start of the regular season. While there's not much that can be done to make up for lost time, Marcin Gortat has some tips on what Porter needs to do add more strength to adjust to the NBA game (via D.C. Sports Bog):

"Well first of all, he's got to hit the weight room," Gortat said. "Matter of fact he actually start doing it with me the past few weeks. I'm the first guy on this team that goes to the weight room. I always start early, and before games I'm going and lifting hard. So actually he starts showing up with me. We are not kind of on the same level yet, strength-wise, but the most important thing, he's with me out there and he's lifting. Obviously he's gonna need some time - he's got to lift hard, he's got to eat well, he's got to eat a lot, and he's just got to take care of his body."

While we can't know for sure how Gortat plans on helping Porter bulk up in the weight room, we're pretty sure this is how he told Otto to order at restaurants moving forward: