Should we make a move to solidify a 3rd seed ?

After getting embarrassed for the second time by the Pacers I think it's obvious that we need another piece to make that jump to being a legit playoff team, even when all the stars (Rondo, Rose, D Will) get to 100%.

There have been a lot of fan posts talking about trading for names like Jeff Green, Spencer Hawes, and even Rudy Gay. And frankly, I think we need to leave that rebuilding sh!t to the side.

We have our cornerstones in Wall and Beal, we were supposed to be a playoff team last year but Wall got injured and now we have Porter because of that. Not to take anything away from Porter because I think he will be a fine player but we NEED another piece, either a SF or scoring punch off the bench to give this team a lift when John Wall is cold.

Some people don't like Green but I think he is a good option at the Small Forward, unlike Ariza he can actually score off the dribble and isn't that bad of a defender.

Even if we don't go that direction I believe snagging a backup PG or another big man would definitely help up make that move to be a solid playoff team and not just a team that made the playoffs because the East is so horrible.

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