Season Ticket Holder Petition: don't raise season ticket prices next year if the Wizards squeak into the playoffs as a 7 or 8 seed with a losing record

We all see it coming. In April, the Wizards play four or five extra games after sneaking into the playoffs with a losing record before being quickly dispatched by the Pacers or the Heat, after which Ted declares the season a success (even though this declaration is inevitably belied by the dismissal of Randy and Ernie). Then he raises season ticket prices and long suffering Wizards fans wonder why we let ourselves get taken for a ride year after year.

I would like to start a petition of season ticket holders to let management know that a low seed birth into the playoffs should not justify a ticket price increase next year. After years of overpaying for supposedly discounted tickets that are available for a fraction of the price on stubhub, any increase without a significant improvement in the team's performance would just be insulting to those of us who have continued to support the organization in good faith. We've watched as Ted has cut back on in-game entertainment, promotions, and season ticket holder events, and a price increase would just reaffirm that management takes loyal fans for granted.

To sign the petition, please simply comment beneath this post along with any message you'd like the management to receive, and if there's enough of a response, I'll send the link to Jim Van Stone, the VP for Ticket Sales and Service.



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