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Is Trevor Ariza in the mix to start at small forward?

Martell Webster seems to think so.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Wizards' best success last season came with John Wall, Bradley Beal, Martell Webster, Nene and Emeka Okafor as their starters. They're already breaking up that lineup in the short term because of Okafor's injury. But is there another piece of the chain that's also getting unlinked?

From today at training camp:


Now, I wasn't there (been busy with these, as I will be for the next several weeks), so I don't know the tone of Webster's words. I suspect that he's just being modest and trying to foster the competitive, you-have-to-earn-your-spot spirit of training camp, and a lineup change isn't actually being considered seriously. But I don't know. Maybe it is.

If Ariza really is the leader to start at small forward, I don't like it. Why break up the Beal/Webster shooting symmetry alongside John Wall? Why mess with something that we know worked? I don't think that's a good idea no matter how well Ariza may be playing.

Now, if we're suggesting that Ariza start alongside Webster at power forward in a small lineup in Okafor's place, that's a different story.

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