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ESPN Is making a 30 for 30 about Ernie Grunfeld and Bernard King

ESPN's offering of 30 for 30 films this fall will include one that focuses on Grunfeld and King, who were teammates at Tennessee.


ESPN released a new trailer for this season's new 30 for 30 films. If you look closely, you may notice a familiar face (sans mustache):

Before Ernie Grunfeld became a basketball executive and Bernard King lit up the NBA during the 80's, they made a formidable tandem at Tennessee, nicknamed "The Bernie and Ernie Show." At the height of their popularity in Knoxville, they even managed to land a SI cover. Their friendship will be the focus of Bernie and Ernie which will be airing on ESPN November 5th, according to this press release.

Bernie and Ernie will be directed by Jason Hehir, who is directing is second 30 for 30. His first documentary for ESPN was The Fab Five, which focused on Chris Webber, Juwan Howard and the rest of the early 90's Michigan Wolverines. Clearly, the guy has a thing for covering the college lives of players tied to the Wizards organization. Maybe someday we can get a 30 for 30 about Otto Porter's awkward transition from playing at the Verizon Center in college to playing at the Verizon Center as a professional.

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