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Imagining NBA nickname jerseys for the Wizards

Reportedly, the NBA is considering allowing the Heat and Nets to wear special nicknames jerseys for a game this season. This got us thinking, what would Wizards nickname jerseys look like?

There's been two big NBA stories in the last 24 hours:

  1. The report that the NBA might allow the Heat and Nets to wear special alternate jerseys with each player's nickname on the back of the jerseys, instead of their last name, which makes a lot of sense for both teams, since there are so many legendary players with equally legendary nicknames on each team.
  2. Everyone trying to figuring out what the other 28 teams in the NBA would use if they had the opportunity (as best done by's Rodger Sherman).

So now it's time to talk about the Wizards. Although the window has closed on seeing an Agent Zero or Tough Juice jersey, this year's squad still has lots of potential. Let's take a look at the roster.

Trevor Ariza


Despite a long, successful career in the NBA, Trevor Ariza hasn't had any success getting a nickname to stick. So we're choosing to go with the name Draft Express accidentally gave him when they broke the news he was being traded to Washington.

Bradley Beal


There's so much pun-based potential here it's UnBealieveable.

Trevor Booker


The third jersey might be a little lame, but I can't see the NBA greenlighting this.

Al Harrington


If I had to guess, Al Harrington would jump at having "BUCKETS" on his back, but he would be missing a great opportunity for an endorsement with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Eric Maynor


Reminding Duke fans of the time he knocked them out of the tournament would make Eric Maynor an instant fan favorite it D.C.



When you only have one name, you don't get to have a nickname. That's the rule.

Emeka Okafor


Emeka Okafor may be the only player in the NBA who can create a nickname by lengthening and shortening his first name.

Otto Porter


I'm guessing Porter takes the safe route and goes with Ottomatic, but everyone has a soft spot for their childhood nickname, so don't rule out Bubba just yet.

Glen Rice Jr.


Are you allowed to take your dad's nickname and add Jr. to it? I sure hope so. We've had enough Vanilla Ice in sports to last us for a while.

Kevin Seraphin


Too easy.

Garrett Temple


Thanks to @mrbmendoza15 and capital city banana smushers for the idea.

Jan Vesely


These jerseys would sell just as well in the U.S. as they would in the Czech Republic.

John Wall

Wallnickname_medium Walldougie_medium Wallgamechanger_medium

Why hasn't the great Wall jersey happened yet?

Martell Webster


Had to throw in one last pun for Mike. You're welcome.

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