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Gilbert Arenas Had A Shirt Made Of John McCain Boxing Nick Young

Gilbert Arenas has a long and storied history of pranking young teammates, but this might be his finest work.


In 2008, UNDRCRWN made a few shirts featuring Barack Obama beating John McCain in sports, like boxing and basketball. It looks like Arenas (who collaborated on a shoe with UNDRCRWN) was able to put in a special request to tease Nick Young. Here's what UNDRCRWN founder Dustin Canalin had to say when he was asked to make the shirt:

We don't do too many custom tees but when Gilbert Arenas calls and want you to be part of one of his off court pranks, we listen.

Nick Young, a favorite target for Gil, must of opened his mouth one too many times. We sent a few dozen tees down to DC during the heat of the presidential race. The entire team had them on.

It looks like everything was done in good fun, as you can actually see Nick Young wearing the shirt in the infamous commercial he made with JaVale McGee and Andray Blatche:

Still, it makes you wonder if there's a shirt floating around (or lying in a shoe somewhere) that involves Andray Blatche.