Beno Udrih

So Udrih is about to sign with the Knicks for 1.27 million. Now Collision and Nate Rob were at the top of my list but I knew we wouldn't have much of a shot. Collision wanted a contender and to play behind the guy where he registered his best season. Nate rob wanted time and he will get some run because Denver runs 2 pg at a time. So to me, with C.J Watson wanting to go to Indiana, it was between Udrih and Maynor. Now I like Maynor, but I feel like we could have gotten Udrih. This isnt a post to say we could have gotten him for the same price and used the other space else where, which I don't know if that's possible with a bi annual exception, but a post to say I'd rather have gotten him. He is a solid point guard. Can run an offense, has a silky smooth jumper which would be awesome in the pick and roll and would make our 2nd unit much better. I know the front office wanted a quick and less stressful off season and I am glad that tey were more aggressive than just sit back and pick up slops. But I would much rather of had Udrih. Thoughts?

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