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2013-14 Washington Wizards' schedule to be announced Tuesday at 6 p.m.

We'll find out the full Washington Wizards schedule at 6 p.m. when it is announced in an NBATV special.

Rob Carr

The 2013-14 Washington Wizards schedule will be unveiled to the world at around 6 p.m. EST tonight, along with the schedule for the entire season. NBATV will have a special show then, and the full schedule should be available on the team's website soon thereafter.

The two biggest questions tonight: who will the Wizards play first, and how many national TV appearances will they get?

Last year, the Wizards played in the very first game of the year against the Cleveland Cavaliers, a contest that was supposed to pit John Wall against Kyrie Irving in a budding new rivalry. Of course, it didn't work out perfectly, since Wall was injured and the game ran at the same time as the much-anticipated Heat-Celtics contest on TNT. Will the NBA go back to the well and try to get a Wall-Irving matchup in during the season's opening week, or will they go in a different direction?

As for national TV games ... the Wizards have essentially been shut out since the Gilbert Arenas era ended. The last time they appeared on either ESPN, ABC or TNT was on November 25, 2010 against the Atlanta Hawks. With the Wizards poised to compete for the playoffs, will that streak end?

Tune back in around 6, and we'll have complete analysis of the schedule thereafter.

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