What's going on with Trevor Ariza?

While he has played some decent basketball since he arrived, Ariza never really seemed that comfortable or happy playing in DC. Add in the fact that he almost got moved at the deadline for Caron Butler and it seemed even more evident that neither he nor the team were committed to the relationship. Since the season ended, Martell has been resigned and Otto was drafted, and the writing was on the wall. Except that it hasn't happened, and even beyond that there haven't even been trade rumors circulating.

The pressure to move him doesn't really kick in until the trade deadline, but it would seem that for a team trying to make the playoffs they would benefit from moving Ariza and adding a position of need (PF, C) as soon as possible. It would also be better for team chemistry not to be making any moves in late February. And personally it's hard for me to imagine his trade value increasing, considering he was very strong to finish the season.

So what's going on? Is there a benefit I am missing to keeping him? Are there rumors out there people are hearing that are under the radar?

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