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VIDEO: The Wizards' nifty corner fade misdirection play

A video compilation of a unique set play the Washington Wizards run that takes advantage of John Wall's court vision and the team's desire to generate more corner three-point attempts.

In yesterday's massive post on the Wizards' three-point shooting habits, I noted that it's very hard to run a set play that is specifically designed to shoot a corner three. I did briefly note, though, that the Wizards occasionally run one such play that works well because they don't do it often. This video shows off that specific play.

The play begins with John Wall and one big man running a side pick and roll. As they do that, though, a shooter, whether it's Bradley Beal, Martell Webster, Trevor Ariza or someone else, takes advantage of the defense focusing on the pick and roll and stealthily slides towards the opposite corner. The other big man levels the shooter's man with a backpick, and Wall, in patented Wall fashion, throws an on-target jump pass to the open shooter for a three.

(I broke down the play more extensively in our Webster player evaluation, so go ahead and check that out).

This is run infrequently by design, because otherwise teams will figure out what the Wizards are actually trying to do. There are 17 instances of the play in the above video, and I only noticed them running it a handful of other times.

But it's also the kind of play that only works because of Wall. How many other players in the league are capable of making that crosscourt pass?

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