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John Wall says Wizards will have mini-camp before training camp begins

The Wizards' star said he expects to have everyone back in town to work out together after Labor Day, well before the beginning of the team's official training camp on September 28.

Rob Carr

It sounds like Al Harrington's wish to have a players-only minicamp before the start of the Wizards' actual training camp on September 28 is coming to fruition. Speaking at the Goodman League Roundball Classic on Sunday, John Wall said the plan is for all the players to come back to D.C. after Labor Day to work out together.

Via CSN Washington:

"Working out with the coaches and stuff," Wall said about his schedule since re-joining teammates for training sessions." Getting everybody organized, to have like a mini-camp before we start training camp."

Wizards players have attempted to organize minicamps before, but have not gotten universal participation. You may recall Andray Blatche's infamous "Play Off Starts Here" sessions in September during the 2011 lockout. Only Chris Singleton and Hamady N'Diaye attended those.

If Wall and Harrington can get everyone on the team to return to D.C. right after Labor Day, that'd be excellent. Travel plans often get in the way of these endeavors, though, so I'm waiting to see if these words are backed up by action before I get too excited.

Also, Wall said he still plans to see Gary Payton before training camp. We just don't know when.

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