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Al Harrington says he envisioned himself on the Wizards last season

The veteran forward essentially confirmed that he will be signing with the Wizards, saying he eyed the franchise as early as last season.


In case there was any doubt that Al Harrington was indeed signing with the Wizards, Harrington himself put an end to it in an interview with Michael Lee of the Washington Post. During the interview, Harrington said he saw himself as a potential member of the team as recently as last season.

Harrington said he started envisioning himself playing for the Wizards last season, when he watched Wall lead the team on a spirited run after returning from a stress injury in his left knee.

"The one thing that they do not have is a stretch four, somebody that can spread the floor, not only for John but for Nene also, give him more room to operate. I just felt like this would be a good opportunity for me," said Harrington, who played 1 1/2 seasons with Nene in Denver. "I spoke to Nene about it. I talked to John about it, they both wanted me there. It made it easier. It's always good to go somewhere where they want you.

Harrington also spoke about his frustrating season with the Orlando Magic, a place where he said "winning wasn't on [their] agenda." The Magic tried to work on a buyout instead of releasing him for half of the guaranteed $14 million he is owed over the next two seasons, but Harrington wouldn't cooperate. He also said that he's lost 30 pounds working out in Las Vegas, no longer needs to play with the knee brace from his surgery and thought about retiring last year while he was dealing with the effects of his staph infection.

The whole interview is worth reading. Welcome to D.C., Al.

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