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NBA free agency: Viewing Martell Webster's contract in light of other recent moves

How does Martell Webster's new contract compare to some of the other signed this summer?


Now that we've seen the NBA free agent market play out a bit, we have more perspective on how Martell Webster's new four-year, $22 million deal (with the fourth year partially guaranteed) stacks up.

That isn't to say that we can make perfect apples-to-apples comparisons between similar players making similar money. There are too many market controls, exceptions and dueling interests at play in the overly-controlling NBA market to do that. Not all mid-level deals are created equally, and just because a player signed one with one team for one price doesn't mean he would have done the same for another team.

Still, as a larger trend, shooters appear to be getting paid. Here's a look at wings that were signed to new deals this summer.

Martell's ranking on this list, out of 18:

  • Fifth-youngest.
  • Tied for ninth in PER.
  • Third in true shooting percentage.
  • Fourth in three-point shooting.
  • Fifth in average annual salary.

Age is a factor, as is Webster's checkered injury history. For the sake of balance, it's also worth noting some wings currently unsigned:

  • Andrei Kirilenko
  • Gerald Henderson (restricted)
  • Reggie Williams
  • Wayne Ellington
  • Anthony Morrow
  • Corey Brewer
  • Jodie Meeks
  • Nick Young
  • James Johnson

That's the market, essentially. I'm still a little wary of Webster's final price because of his injury history, but looking at some of the other deals handed out this summer, it's understandable why he ended up being worth the price the Wizards paid.