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Garrett Temple to sign 1-year deal to remain with Washington Wizards, according to report

Garrett Temple will return on a one-year deal that appears to be for the veteran's minimum, according to CSN Washington.


The Washington Wizards have moved quickly to keep Garrett Temple, agreeing to a one-year contract worth slightly less than $1 million for his services, according to CSN Washington's J Michael. The veteran's minimum for a player with Temple's years of service in the league is $916,099, according to Larry Coon's salary page, so I suspect that's the value of Temple's contract.

Based on my understanding of the CBA, Temple could have been eligible to make $1.1 million (120 percent of the veteran's minimum) this year as a Non-Bird Free Agent. Evidently, though, he'll take the minimum instead.

Temple was a useful ball-handler and defender for the Wizards last season, starting 36 games after being signed from the NBA Developmental League. The Wizards have decided to keep him over A.J. Price, and he'll provide deep bench depth at both guard positions. I'd rather have Temple than Price, so I support the move.

Temple received interest from the Miami Heat, according to Michael, but chose the Wizards instead.

The Wizards' roster now stands at 13 players, with about $68.7 million in total team salary committed. Second-round pick Glen Rice Jr. is expected to be player No. 14, and I suspect he'll sign a deal worth about $800,000 in his first year. That'll bring the Wizards' total team salary to about $69.5 million with one open roster spot. The luxury tax is likely to be at around $71.6 million, and I suspect the Wizards will choose to leave that roster spot open in case they need to make an in-season acquisition.

Welcome back, Garrett.

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