Semi Realistic Fantasy

Hey guys. This is my first post on this website. I have been reading for about a month or so but have never liked a Wizards site as much as BF. Its refreshing to see articles and threads with fans who are intelligent and knowledgeable basketball fans. But my first post will be about a semi realistic fantasy I thought of today. Now what if we had taken Drummond last year instead of Beal? Then drafted McLemore instead of Porter? Now I love Beal, and would rather have him than McLemore, but Drummond/McLemore sounds a lot better than Beal/Porter. Now I Know summer league is not the end all be all but I Don't see all star potential as I do with Drummond and McLemore. Drummond is what 6 11 270? I mean he already has the size of Dwight Howard. Has a very strong body, great athleticism, and is a good rim protector. I mean he can be just as good as Dwight considering he is only like 20, and if he can have even an average offensive post game he would be a top 5, arguably top 3 center. And McLemore is a great Athlete, good shooter who would play well of Wall. Now imagine a Wall, McLemore, Webster, Nene, Drummond starting 5 with Oak, Ariza, Seraphin, Rice and Manor off the bench. It makes our big situation a strength without making our backcourt too weak. I agree it would be better to have Beal, but Drummond/McLemore sets us up really well for a contender in a couple of years plus the addition of maybe McGary or Gordon if they fall next year. Just one of many fantasies I think of often for fun, not super serious. If It was an all out Fantasy, Id talk about getting Oladipo instead!

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