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John Wall provides highlights, but some lowlights in Team USA scrimmage

John Wall had some great moments in the Team USA scrimmage, but he also had some bad moments.


John Wall was the only member of the Washington Wizards in the Team USA scrimmage, thanks to Bradley Beal's leg injury. In the end, Wall was OK, scoring 10 points in the Blue team's 128-106 loss to a White team led by Kyrie Irving.

Wall did some good things. He seemed to command the offense fairly well, as opposed to Damian Lillard, the other Blue point guard. He hit a corner three, which was nice, and he had a few nice passes, one of which ended in a Harrison Barnes missed dunk. Oh, and he also did this.


On the flip side, his handle wasn't great, he air-balled a floater, blew a fast-break layup and didn't always play great defense. At times, he seemed like he was playing anxiously, trying to prove his worth instead of letting it happen.

If you were looking for validation that Wall had separated himself from the non-Irving point guards, I don't think this scrimmage provided it. Among point guards, he was certainly worse than Irving and somewhat level with Lillard, Jrue Holiday and Mike Conley. You could argue Holiday and Conley were both better, actually, though both played primarily off the ball.

Still, he's probably in the mix if Team USA wants to add another point guard. It's crowded there -- Lillard is a favorite for many, and Stephen Curry wasn't even playing in this scrimmage -- but there are some elements that Wall brings that nobody else can. We'll see if those are enough for him to be on the 2014 World Cup squad.

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