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The Washington Wizards' salary situation after Martell Webster, Eric Maynor, Garrett Temple signings

What does the Washington Wizards' roster look like now that they've secured verbal commitments from Martell Webster, Eric Maynor and Garrett Temple?


This post has been updated with Garrett Temple also returning.

Don't expect the Washington Wizards to do much more in free agency after getting verbal commitments from Martell Webster, Eric Maynor and Garrett Temple for the full mid-level and bi-annual exceptions, respectively. That's because the Washington Wizards' roster and salary-cap situations are both basically full at this point.

Assuming Webster and Maynor did indeed sign for those two exceptions, the first year of their contracts will start at $5.15 million and $2.016 million, respectively, according to Larry Coon's salary-cap FAQ. That leaves the Washington Wizards' roster as follows:

(Salary data via Sham Sports).

  1. Emeka Okafor: $14,487,500
  2. Nene: $13,000,000
  3. Trevor Ariza: $7,727,280
  4. John Wall: $7,459,925
  5. Martell Webster: $5,150,000
  6. Bradley Beal: $4,319,280
  7. Otto Porter*: $3,565,000
  8. Jan Vesely: $3,340,920
  9. Kevin Seraphin: $2,761,114
  10. Trevor Booker: $2,350,820
  11. Eric Maynor: $2,016,000
  12. Chris Singleton: $1,618,680
  13. Garrett Temple**: $916,099

TOTAL: 68,712,618

*: Projected rookie scale amount for No. 3 pick, per HoopsWorld.
**: The veteran's minimum for a player with three years of service in the NBA, per Larry Coon.

Garrett Temple is player No. 13, based on recent media reports. It has been reported that he'll sign for less than $1 million, so I used the veteran's minimum salary for someone with three years in the NBA as a placeholder.

Second-round pick Glen Rice Jr. will almost certainly occupy spot No. 14 on the roster for somewhere under $1 million. Last year's No. 35 pick, Draymond Green, made $850,000 last year, so we'll use that as a placeholder. That brings the Wizards' total salary amount to $69,562,618.

Washington could just call it a day at that point. They would have one open roster spot to spend on anyone making the veteran's minimum, but the Wizards, like many NBA teams, have traditionally carried just 14 players to leave open a spot in case they need to sign someone to fill in for an injured player or in case someone else releases a player they may like. Of course, the Wizards could also deal a player such as Trevor Ariza or one of the young forwards to clear up more space to sign someone else, but they also could only use the veteran's minimum to do so.

As it stands, the Wizards come in just under the luxury tax, which is expected to be set at about $71.6 million. This is your depth chart.

PG: John Wall/Eric Maynor
SG: Bradley Beal/Garrett Temple/Glen Rice Jr.
SF: Martell Webster/Otto Porter/Trevor Ariza
PF: Nene/Trevor Booker/Chris Singleton
C: Emeka Okafor/Kevin Seraphin/Jan Vesely