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Garrett Temple, Wizards expected to reach agreement soon, according to report

The Wizards appear likely to come to a deal with free-agent guard Garrett Temple soon, according to a report.


Now that the Wizards have Martell Webster and Eric Maynor locked down, the next step appears to be retaining Garrett Temple. The Wizards will move quickly to secure his services, according to multiple reports.

Via Michael Lee of the Washington Post:

A league source said the Wizards expect to add Garrett Temple, which would leave the team with one remaining roster spot.

Via J Michael of CSN Washington:

Another person told CSN that the Wizards likely will work out a deal to retain another free agent, Garrett Temple, as early as this week.

At most, the new deal would start at 120 percent of the veteran's minimum salary. From our salary-cap breakdown:

The Wizards have Non-Bird Rights on him and he made a pro-rated $573,000 last year, meaning the maximum salary they can use to keep him without dipping into one of their exceptions must start at no more than 120 percent of his current salary.

The Wizards used the full mid-level exception on Webster and the full bi-annual exception on Maynor, so they have no exceptions left to use.

The minimum salary for a player with three years of service is $916,099, according to Larry Coon's FAQ page. If my math is right, 120 percent of that is just under $1.1 million. That's the most Temple can sign for with a new deal. It's also possible that he'll just get the veteran's minimum.

Temple would be the 13th player under contract on the roster, with Glen Rice Jr. expected to be No. 14. Any other players signed would have to be for the veteran's minimum. The Wizards have traditionally operated with an open roster spot, so it's possible they are done making moves this summer. We shall see.