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NBA Summer League 2013: Wizards to play Grizzlies in first round of tournament

The Wizards earned the No. 12 seed and will face No. 21 Memphis at 6:30 EST on Wednesday.


LAS VEGAS -- The first three games of the Summer League are over, and now it's time to start this really weird, unnecessary, confusing tournament. By virtue of a seven-point sweep (one point for winning each quarter, three for winning the game) in their final contest, the Washington Wizards rose all the way to the No. 12 seed, where they'll face off with No. 21-seeded Memphis at 6:30 p.m. EST tomorrow.

The Grizzlies have not won a game yet and do not boast an incredibly deep roster. Second-round pick Jamaal Franklin has not played, leaving last year's first-round pick, Tony Wroten, as the most recognizable name. Former Notre Dame star Jack Cooley has been the team's leading scorer along with Wroten.

The status of Otto Porter remains up the air, by the way. Porter said after the game that he planned to take the safe approach with his sore right hamstring, but did not rule himself out yet. I'd still be surprised if he suited up, but we'll see.

If the Wizards win, they'll face fifth-seeded Charlotte at 6:30 p.m. Thursday. If they lose, they'll play their final game in the losers "bracket" against either No. 11 New Orleans or No. 22 Denver. Yes, that's the same Denver the Wizards crushed yesterday.